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The First Time Landlord, The Experienced Investor, The Refurbishment Investor, The Accidental Landlord

UK investment mortgages have been designed specifically to help finance the purchase of a property you wish to let out, rather than live in yourself.

Buy-to-Let mortgages are assessed on the rental income the property can produce, instead of how much personal income you have. A lender will typically expect the rental income to be 25-45% more than the monthly mortgage payments, on an interest only basis for it to pass the affordability test.

Due to new affordability rules introduced in January 2017, most lenders also need to make an assumption that the initial interest rate will rise when calculating affordability. As the calculation varies from lender to lender, we may still be able to assist with the loan size you require even where the calculation from some lenders is too restrictive.

Some lenders will also expect that a Buy-to-Let purchaser, has a minimum level of personal income as a safety net in case there are rental voids. It is wise to consider setting aside some savings and/or take out insurance that can help you meet unforeseen problems and protect your investment.

Key in the Lock


The Right Loan for You

Commercial Finance

A commercial property is defined as a property where the occupants are a business rather than an individual, such as shops, warehouses and offices.

The property can be just a commercial premise, or it may be of ‘mixed use’ or ‘semi-commercial’ by including a residential element on its legal title. These can include a residential dwelling above or an adjacent to the commercial dwelling.

Business Loans

If you own a business and require funding, we can help you to access finance for your business even if you do not have a property for the funds to be secured against. This is because we have access to lenders who can offer unsecured loans for business purposes.

Development Finance

If you require development finance, we can help you access a diverse panel of lenders to obtain the most favourable terms to meet your circumstances and requirements.

In addition, to finance for the development of residential properties, we can provide development finance for commercial properties. It can be for a plot of land or developing an existing property.

Finding a Business or Commercial Loan, can be made easier by AR Commercial Funding.

Please give us a brief summary of what it is you would like to do and we will come back to you quickly to let you know how we can help.

Buying a House


Classic Bridge, Refurbishment Bridge, Medium Bridge, Debt Bridge, Loan to Value Bridge

Bridging loans are versatile short term loans that can be used for a number of finance requirements such as investing in business opportunities, buying a property at auction, property conversions and renovations and seizing investment opportunities.

Before proceeding with a bridge, AR Commercial Funding will take the time to evaluate all your exit options and will only recommend proceeding if we can clearly establish at least 3 options for the repayment of the bridge at the end of the bridge term.

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